River 2 Sea Rider Minnow



The Rider Minnow 50S is a cousin to the Baby Minnow 50F as it has a tight swimming action that reacts well to rod tip movement. As a sinking minnow it will be best suited to deeper water trout fishing. Best results can be achieved by a slow twitching retrieval.

River 2 Sea Rider Minnow Color:

rdm 01
rdm 02
rdm 03
rdm 04
rdm 05
rdm 06
rdm 07


Model: Rider min 50 s
Running Depth: 0.5 m -|- 2 feet
Length: 5 cm -|- 2″ in
Weight: 3.5 g -|- 1/8 oz
Hooks: Two Daiichi (BN) Treble #8