River 2 Sea Tango Prop

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The River 2 Sea Tango Prop Lure makes an astonishing sound that really knows how to dial into the big predator’s sensors and turn them on to feeding mode with gusto! Whether your scene is on the quiet Barra impoundments or working the deep blue for pelagics then the River 2 Sea Tango Prop Lure deserves a spot in your tackle box!

The River 2 Sea Tango Prop fishing lure gets its amazing action and sound from the twin counter–rotating blades creating both sound and spray destined for extreme action. Top all the above off with dual premium trebles and split rings you have yourself one hell of a weapon!

To rattle off just a few of the species this fishing lure has proven itself on: Barramundi, Trevally, Queenfish, Tuna, Murray cod and even Tailor and Salmon take a liking to the mighty Tango Prop

River 2 Sea Tango Prop colors lure:

G42-Ghost Minnow
G43-Chartreuse Shad
G19R-Okie Shad
HA16R-Chrome Black
S25R-Stock Trout

River 2 Sea Tango Prop
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