River 2 Sea Wideglide

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WideGlide is a high performance walking bait that zigs and zags side to side with a wide gliding action rather than slapping back and forth. The 8”subsurface version can be made to zip back and forth a few feet under the surface, traveling as much as eight feet side to side, while moving forward only a couple of feet before coming to a near neutrally buoyant, quivering stop.

It’s a deadly action that both attracts and triggers large predators that ignore more standard presentations. It is a deadly weapon for muskies, stripper, pike, tarpon, bass. The size 120 is good for large and small mouth bass, pike, tarpon, snook, readfish, peacock bass and more. Made of high impact plastic, the wideglide features which adds realism and belly flash for a treat no big fish can resist. The wideglide casts like a bullet.

River 2 Sea Wideglide colors lure:

Shadow, Cisco, Silver Sucker, Red Horse, Fire Tiger, Perch

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River 2 Sea Wideglide
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