River 2 Sea V-Joint Minnow

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V-Joint Minnow

V–Joint Minnow is one of the most natural swimmers on the market. River2Sea’s exclusive Pin and Tenon Hinge allows each of V–Joint’s sections to smoothly move through their swimming range giving V–Joint a fluid motion that will drive any gamefish wild. V–Joint comes in five sizes that any angler could find an application for, be it as a small undulating minnow plug or as a hard swimbait.

V-Joint Deep Dive

Featuring the same construction as the original V–Joint, V–Joint Deep Dive now runs deeper to reach fish that haven’t yet seen the natural swimming action of two pin and tenon hinges. Available in three sizes, V–Joint Deep Dive will provide any gamefish a mouthwatering morsel to grab. However, gamefish had better beware; this swimmer bites back.

V-Joint Vake

V–Joint Minnow family is complete now that V–Joint Wake Minnow has arrived. V–Joint Wake Minnow combines all of the features that have made her siblings so effective; with the ability to run the surface at any speed give the complete package. This three piece wonder is jointed by River2Sea’s exclusive Pin and Tenon hinge for smooth action and sheer strength. Bulge the surface with this beauty, and hang onto your rod.

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River 2 Sea V-Joint Minnow
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