Salmo Dinner Bell

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The Dinner Bell has a very unique action in the water. The counter rotating tail blades kick- up a spray and slaps the water, but you will also notice the blunt nose of the Dinner Bell as it pushes a wave a water ahead of the lure as it is pulled through the water. When you combine this three way action with the body size of the Dinner Bell, you have a lure worthy of a monster muskie.

The great thing about the Dinner Bell is that it is easy to retrieve for a bait of this mammoth size. It is easy to cast a country mile, but don’t fall into the distance trap. The farther the lure is from the boat, the harder and harder it becomes to set the hook. Our testing shows that it is best to get the bait moving as soon as it hits the water. The sound of a big splash may get a muskie’s attention, but you will need to start those blades slapping the surface to get the strike.

You will also need extra strong tackle to cast the Dinner Bell. We recommend nothing less than 45 dacron line or 60 pound spectra. The rod needs to be able to handle such a heavy lure or you run the risk of breaking the rod just from casting it. Besides, with a lure of this size, you will want a very stout rod to set the hooks anyway. If you like fishing with large lures for large fish, then fishing with the correct tackle makes fishing much more enjoyable.

We like to talk about the investment in quality muskie baits. You may or may not know that a Salmo muskie lure is not like other lures on the market. For example, it takes a full three months to make a Dinner Bell. The body is made from a high density foam and this foam will not absorb water. There is no doubt the solid body design, with a super strong; through wire design will land the fish of your dreams. Salmo lures are a great investment in your fishing success.


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Salmo Dinner Bell
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