Salmo Squarebill

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A superb array of lures specially designed to be worked amongst snaggy areas which vastly reduces the chances of your lure getting hooked up. Modelled on the same buoyancy as balsawood, it is more durable due to using high density space age foam in the construction process. Take your pick from 8 striking colours, each perfectly balanced to ensure long-range accurate casting wherever you intend to fish.


Made from tough polycarbonate
Designed to reduce snagging up
Same buoyancy as balsawood
Uses high density space age foam
8 deadly colours


Chartreuse Powder Blue

Chartreuse Shad

Green Back Herring

Green Tiger

Holo Grey Shad

Hot Perch

Demon Craw

Sexy Shad

Salmo Squarebill
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