Salmo Maas Marauder



When you name a topwater muskie and pike bait after the living legend Al Maas of Walker Minnesota, then it better be right. The all new Maas Marauder may look something like other large ?walk the dog? type lures, but looks are deceiving. First off, the size of the bait is key to triggering more fish?the Marauder is the perfect size

Henry says:
I inadvertently got to use this lure in different circumstances while fishing in Tropical Guinea Bissau West Africa in 2010.It was one of the lures supplied by World Sport Fishing as part of someones tackle pack.

The lure requirements there are:

1.It must cast well.Good weight and not tumble during casting

2.After landing it must come to the surface very quickly and go into action immediately.Fish are often caught at maximum casting range and any delay here can be fatal.

After 10 days of topwater fishing for Big Jack and Snapper the Salmo Maas Marauder came out number 1.

Naturally the split rings and hooks have to be beefed up to Owner x-strong


RR-Real Roach
SN-Starry Night
SNO-Starry Night Orange
CK-Carboon Killer
RW-Real walleye
LFT-Luminescent Fire Tiger
LRR-Luminescent Real Roach
GT-Green Tiger
SN-Summer Night


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