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Lipless sinking model with fixed center of gravity With its outstanding flying distance and horizontal fall with roll, it is capable of boldly attacking trout that were previously unreachable. The Cherry Blood LL70S mainly targets landlocked cherry and red-spotted trout, while the LL90S targets cherry trout in mainstreams, long-distance fishing in lakes, sea candy and sea cherry.

While Cherry Blood MD and DEEP have a center of gravity shifting mechanism, Cherry Blood LLS is a lipless sinking model with a fixed center of gravity. It has very low air resistance and its long casting performance enables stress-free fishing even in lakes where long distance is required. It has a good flight posture and flies straight, so it has excellent accuracy.


The action of this lure is a smooth rolling vibe with a horizontal posture on the fall, creating sparkling and diffused reflections. When swimming, it swims with a wide wobble (rolling action) with a slimy feeling, and darts and slides are also added to the action by rod work. The lure responds well to lift and fall as well as twitching, allowing for a variety of effects.

How to use:

The medium-slow sinking speed of the lure allows the angler to carefully approach the break and add action when fishing land rock. It can also be used for down-cross drifting in rivers and feeding at breaks, etc. Unlike lures with a lip, this lure does not grab water and dive even when dragging, so it can be used to control the range by feeding the line around breaks and structures. Depending on the user’s setup, it is possible to approach areas that could not be attacked before.

Model Cherry Blood LL70S

The LL (Lipless) 70S was developed mainly for landlocked cherry and southern pike trout, which have a strong appetite for fish. It is a reaction lipless sinking minnow with the size of a 7cm match-the-bait, which makes it easy to produce staggering and running away wakasagi.

The internal structure is different from the conventional Cherry Blood, and the weight is fixed instead of shifting the center of gravity. This eliminates problems such as the lure jumping out of the water or getting out of control, or the hook picking up the line when the lure moves to the next reaction action due to the restoring force after a reaction at a still water.


Model: Cherry Blood LL70S – sinking
Running Depth: Variable
Length: 70 mm -|- 2-3/4″ in.
Weight: 7.7 g -|- 2/7 oz.
Hooks: Owner Cultiva ST-36BC # 10


Color Cherry Blood LL70S

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Model Cherry Blood LL90S

A lipless sinking minnow with a greatly improved body strength. It has a long casting performance and high accuracy, so it can reach the target point directly. Because it is called a minnow, it has a swimming performance and a wide wobble action with a wet feeling. It can also dart and slide by rod action, and when it falls, it produces a soft rolling vibration in a horizontal position, and further appeals by flashing. The lure can be reeled in or drifted and the light action on the fall makes it more effective. It is ideal for drifting in rivers as well as land rocks.


Model: Cherry Blood LL90S – sinking
Running Depth: Variable
Length: 90 mm -|- 3-9/16″ in.
Weight: 15 g -|- 5/8 oz.
Hooks: Owner Cultiva ST-46 # 6


Colors Cherry Blood LL90S

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