Smith Smoky PK Popper



Smokey PK Popper Produced by Natsuo Tsujimoto (Pockin), the SMOKY series is a plug developed after extensive testing in order to capture modern day slippery Mebaru. The SMOKY series has been thoroughly tested in order to capture modern slippery Mebaru.

It was completed by balancing these three elements at a high level. Please enjoy the modern Mebaru game with the plug that exceeds Mebaru’s ability to learn the lure. The popper is focused on two sounds that Mebaru unexpectedly bites. The sound is a pop sound generated by continuous light rod work and a chugger sound generated by single strong rod work.

The popping sound to produce the sound of bait being chased on the surface of the water and the chigger sound to produce the sound of Mebaru feeding on the bait on the surface of the water, both of which are sounds that Mebaru is strongly aware of the surface.

The floating posture is about 75 degrees from the surface of the water, which is not easily seen by Mebaru when it comes to the surface.  Body shape so that the lure doesn’t jump out of the water surface when Mebaru bites up. The center of gravity is at the tail, so you can enjoy good casting posture and convincing distance. Please experience the game of attacking by the sound and pose of the lure.


Model: Smoky PK Popper
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 45 mm -|- 1-3/4″ in.
Weight: 3.5 g -|- 1-1/4 oz.

Colors Smoky PK Popper.


Smith Smoky PK Popper

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