Smith Haluca



Smith’s long-awaited release of the SW Slim Minnow Haluka 125F/125S/145F/145F 145S”. Flying, form, swimming, strength, and ease of handling that appeals to anglers’ sensibilities. From the prototype model stage, the potential to kill seabass in various locations has been demonstrated by the dry The field testers nodded without saying a word.

The distance of the lure is far-reaching. And the fishing results that flying distance produces. The final conclusion of the SW Slim Minnow, the most confident work released by Smith, who created the masterpiece Sarana, is Here’s the fruition.

Depending on the field, season, conditions and linked baitfish It’s no secret that Slim Shape Minnows have their advantages. However, the Slim Minnow is lacking in volume, which is my only complaint. I want to fly farther!

The key factors that produce distance are “dead weight”, “center of gravity” and “air resistance”. However, how can we improve these factors in the limited form of the Slim Minnow? In developing the Haluka, we conducted a series of casting tests with several dozen different samples and Focusing on “flight attitude stability” as an element to further improve the castability, we have been working on the following We have made the following improvements

Minnow Smith Haluca 2

In the case of Haluca, we have developed a low center of gravity mechanism and a distributed center of gravity transfer weight (T2B/T2B2) system), and the placement of the tail weight to correct the center of gravity movement vector.

Stable flying posture even in adverse conditions due to weight balance Succeeds in producing one of the best flying distances among slim minnows in its class I did. Wobble and roll action with a higher rolling ratio. It can be used for both slow and high speed retrieves.

As the retrieve speed increases, the swing width is increased and the flat side part of the lure’s sides are rolled. This swimsuit has a firm presence. In addition, because the thin body line makes the silhouette look smaller and more natural during the swim Even for selective targets, it has a high probability of hitting.

Range from 10-60cm (10-60cm) (may vary slightly depending on conditions and tackle used) in saltwater areas use. This is a shallow runner that is not too deep. Use in brackish and fresh water areas depends on the specific gravity of the water.

Minnow Smith Haluca colors 1

Haluca 125


The 125F, the basics of slim minnows, with overwhelming distance and swimming perfection in its class The height of the lure further expands the range of the Slim Minnow and its possibilities.

Model: Haluca 125 F-floating
Running Depth: 0.1 – 0.6 m -|- 1 – 2 ft.
Length: 12.5 cm -|- 5″ in.
Weight: 13.9 g -|- 1/2 oz.
Hooks: Cultiva ST-46 #6

Haluca 125 S

You can also get a chance to jump out of slits or slits in the seashore, which is not possible with the floating model A sinking model that can be traced firmly without the need for a sinking lure. Of course, it is also effective for deep range fishing and high foothold field, and is close to a jig minnow. Castability allows for nabla shooting.

Model: Haluca 125 S-sinking
Running Depth: 0.6 – 2.0 m -|- 2 – 7 ft.
Length: 12.5 cm -|- 5″ in.
Weight: 15.5 g -|- 5/8 oz.
Hooks: Cultiva ST-46 #6

Haluca 145 F

More weight and more appeal due to the increased size of the lure Increased weight and greater distance and less effect of wind Longer distance in surf and rocky areas

Model: Haluca 145 F-floating
Running Depth: 0.1 – 0.6 m -|- 1 – 2 ft.
Length: 14.5 mm -|- 5-3/4 in.
Weight: 19 g -|- 3/5 oz.
Hooks: Cultiva ST-46 #4

Haluca 145 S

Sinking type lures have improved casting feeling as well as flying distance. High accuracy and excellent swinging ability Corresponding action from wobble/roll to high speed Sinking action enables you to control the range of the lure, which makes it easier to catch fish from the surface of the water in rough weather or when the waves are high It swims firmly without pulling out. It’s also ideal for passing underneath high footholds and salash on rocky beaches.

Model: Haluca 145 S-sinking
Running Depth: 0.6 – 2.0 m -|- 2 – 7 ft.
Length: 14.5 mm -|- 5-3/4 in.
Weight: 21.5 g -|- 3/4 oz.
Hooks: Cultiva ST-46 #4