Smith Still Area Tune



Smith Still Area Tune a mythical artificial, recognized as the best artificial for Native trout, world champion on countless occasions.  Now configured by the mythical Hiroshi Mizuma in an exceptional Tuned AREA setup for the most successful technique lovers in recent months.


Smith Still Area Tune

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The new STILL Area Tune is in fact adapted to the Trout Area both in the configuration with single hook without barb and in the colors, developed to ensure maximum results.

Tips for use: after casting wait a few seconds before recovering to sink the artificial slightly from the trout point of view. Then start the recovery to bring the artificial back up to the surface, always keeping the line under tension.


Model: Still Area Tune – Floating
Running Depth: 0.5 – 1.5 m -|- 2 – 5 ft.
Length: 4 cm -|- 1.5″ in.
Weight: 1.3 g -|- 1/64 oz.
Hooks: Van hook SP-21BL # 8


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