Smith Ts Joint Minnow Sp



The TS Joint Minnow 110 is a wobbler developed during 2 years by the firm SMITH at the request of Russia. This type of lure with sections requires important developments followed by methodical tests. That’s why the Japanese rigour is here a great asset. Thus, a perfectly balanced lure is obtained thanks to the complex system of trajectory of the tungsten balls in the lure.

These balls have multiple functions, balancing the lure in the water, sound emission and mass transfer during casting. The TS Joint Minnow supports both slow and fast animation, whether in dead water or in the current. You will also notice when stopping that the lure continues to swim in slow motion, the tungsten balls roll slowly into the lure and automatically offsets it making it swim very natural. A lure mainly aimed at salmonids, pike, large perch. Mounted on ST-36 #4 hooks…

Japan Crrankbaits Smith Ts Joint Minnow Sp


Model: Ts Joint Minnow Sp-TSSP11
Running Depth: 0.3 – 0.9 m -|- 1 – 3 ft.
Length: 11 cm -|- 4-3/8″ in.
Weight: 12.3 g -|- 7/16 oz.
Hooks: ST-36 #4