Smith Saruna

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Saruna is designed with maximum centre-of-gravity transfer distance as possible in the body to increase gravitational inertia produced during casting. This force, when combined with the slender body, works to maintain the balance in the headwind or crosswind, and enables pin-point casting to your target, Because its swimming action is mainly wobbling with rolling mixed, unlike a shallow minnow with wide wobbling action only, it reproduces more minnow-like action even using regular retrieve, which is a great appeal to fish.

Smith Saruna

Saruna MD110S and MD110S Tachi

Medium-deep sinking minnow Sarana MD110S with center of gravity transfer system, using high specific tungsten weight for center of gravity transfer and a medium-deep lip, the excellent distance to fly without stress is a big advantage in the vast surf. You can feel the outstanding flight that is hard to get from the body size. Outstanding jump that is hard to get from its body size.

The lure is difficult to raise up and has good range keeping power, and the action is a sharp wobble and roll, and the brisk movement is clearly transmitted to the rod through the line. 3 hooks for biting bites (flounder and scupper fish). The lure is set up to hook up to the center of the body and short bites.

Smith Saruna 110 Md S Tachi

Smith Saruna
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