Dorado Lake



Lake is a wobbler which was first designed for fishing in lakes (as the name suggests); its compact structure, heavy weight and crucian-like shape are features thanks to which it was to become a lake pike killer.

And it did! I conducted the first tests with a group of friends in Swedish lakes where we were quickly convinced about the great efficiency of this bulging wobbler. The heavy weight allowed for very slow lead which is how the sluggish spring pike likes it. However, its greatest advantage was that even during trolling it did not dive deeper than one meter.

In spring this feature became the most important. That is how I considered Lake to be highly pike-friendly for a few months until the moment I gave some items to Marek SzymaƄski who, with a group of friends, was then night hunting for the Vistula catfish at fever pitch.

Thanks to them it soon came to light that the heavy weight, intensive work and shallow draught are features that make pike bait an ideal weapon against the predators with barbel praying in overflows at night. At first, it was mainly Marek who was fond of…

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