Lucky Craft G-Splash

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The G-Splash was born to be a legend. It has undergone thousands of casts during field testing to make it a truly great fish catcher. The extra large cup of the G-Splash makes an incredible splash that is able to call a monster fish up from deep water.

The G-Splash is being designed for use by our Top 150 pro staff such as Skeet Reese. The big splash would be relied on around western lakes and it also has the perfect body size that would be loved around eastern lakes. You will get a most exciting fishing experience if you keep up a constant twitch-and-pause action during the retrieve.


Model: G-Splash-65
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 65 mm -|- 2-9/16 in.
Weight: 7.8 g -|- 1/4 oz.
Treble hooks: VMC #6 and #6

Model: G-Splash-80
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 80 mm -|- 3-1/8″ in.
Weight: 12 g -|- 3/8 oz.
Treble hooks: VMC #4 and #4

Colors G-Splash:

052-ABK Aurora Black
056-RBT Rainbow Trout
075-ABS Aurora Bass
098-NCCR Mat Chart
100-BABK Bloody Aurora Black
101-BOTSD Bloody Original Tennessee Shad
102-BGMN Bloody Ghost Minnow
104-BCRSD Bloody Chartreuse Shad
107-BTRS Bloody Table Rock Shad
111-PC Peacock
113-RBBR Rootbeer Brown
115-Splatter Back
117-RBG Rootbeer Green
123-GLC Ghost Lime Chart
124-BRH Brown Hitch
125-GPAY Ghost Pearl Ayu
157-SSSD Sassy Shad
158-GDRS Gold Rush
220-IMYL Impact Yellow
221-Gekiatsu Gill
222-GTSD Ghost Tennessee Shad
228-Flake Make Gill
237-GBSD Ghost Blue Shad
238-GMN Ghost Minnow
240-SF Sunfish
245-NCTG Mat Tiger
246-GSF Ghost Sunfish
247-MSBKMS Black
250-CRSD Chartreuse Shad
253-CTSD Citrus Shad
254-MSMJHRGMS MJ Herring-MS MJ Aurora Wakasagi
256-AGO Aurora Gold
257-APB Aurora Pro Blue
258-GPL Ghost Pearl Lemon
260-GNSK Ghost Nishiki
262-LCGO Laser Clear Ghost
268-PAY Pearl Ayu
270-MSAS MS American Shad
276-LRBT Laser Rainbow Trout
277-ABR Aurora Brown
279-GOBR Ghost Brown
280-AGPC Aurora Green Perch
285-NCSHNC Shell White
288-ARCB Archer Bee
290-GLM Ghost Lake Mead
291-AGWK Aurora Ghost Wakasagi
292-LMCL Lake Murray Clear
293-LMMG Lake Mead Magic
294-LVSD Lavender Shad
296-PRB Purple Rainbow
722-Ghost Minnow
725-Ms Zebra Aurora Gold
753-Chart. Ghost Sardine
781-Green Tail Ghost Shrimp
800-WEYE Walleye
801-MSKY Musky
802-NPKE Northern Pike
803-BRT Brown Trout
804-SPSD Spotted Shad-Konoshiro
805-LMBS Largemouth Bass
806-TGPC Tiger Perch
807-NYPC Northern Yellow Perch
808-SHNR Shiner
809-BRNE Brownie
810-NLMB Northern Largemouth Bass
813-BLGL Bluegill
814-BRKT Brook Trout-Kawa Masu
815-RMSKRed Musky
817-GRBT Ghost Rainbow Trout
830-GOAY Ghost Ayu
831-PWK Pearl Wakasagi
892-Nc Black Walleye
0172-Violet Orange
5414-Ms Geriatsu Red
Cic-Cicada Glow Tail

Lucky Craft G-Splash
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