Lucky Craft Screw Pointer



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The Lucky Craft Screw Pointer approaches bass with a subtle, rhythmic action similar to the Spy Bait technique made popular by the Japanese. The compact body allows the lure to be cast extra-long distances. A slow sinking action, props, and a slow rolling action are effective even in tough conditions. The prop or screw on the lure create a unique water movement that’s particularly effective in catching pre-spawn bass or schooling smallmouth.

Lucky Craft Screw Pointer color:

052-ABK-Aurora Black
179-FFGSM-Flake Flake Golden Sexy Minnow
180-FFGSF-Flake Flake Golden Sun Fish
229-FFHG-Flake Flake Happy Gill
230-FFHR-Flake Flake Herring
231-FFAY-Flake Flake Ayu
238-GMN-Ghost Minnow
250-CRSD-Chartreuse Shad
254-MSMJHRG-MS MJ Herring
269-BEGL-BE Gill
270-MSAS-MS American Shad
371-BPB-Bone Pro-Blue