Lucky Craft Real Ayu

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A necessity for those who love to throw swimbaits, the Lucky Craft Real Ayu 178 delivers smooth swimming action, well thought-out design, and incredible detailing that flat-out catches. Precisely weighted and finely tuned, the Lucky Craft Real Ayu 178 delivers a beautiful ā€œSā€ slide movement that draws fish in from a distance.

To tempt followers that are interested, but uncommitted, the Lucky Craft Real Ayu 178 provides a slow-floating action when stopped, which triggers an aggressive feeding response. Use a quick jerk and the Lucky Craft Real Ayu 178 executes a bite-inducing 180-degree rotation that no fish can resist.

Covered with incredible detailing from end-to-end, the Lucky Craft Real Ayu 178 features a precise scaling pattern, rubberized-replaceable tail, and 3-D eyes that will fool the wariest predators. Fitted with two razor-sharp feathered trebles, the Lucky Craft Real Ayu 178 is a must-have for swimbait enthusiasts.


Model: Real Ayu 178
Running Depth: 15 – 60 cm -|- 1 – 2 ft. (Slow Floating)
Length: 178 mm -|- 7″ in.
Weight: 58.5 g -|- 2-1/16 oz.
Treble hooks: belly: #1 and tail: #2

Colors Real Ayu:

183-PTHFSD-Pearl Threadfin Shad
231-FFAY-Flake Flake Ayu
241-SSD-Striped Shad
268-PAY-Pearl Ayu
372-HMAY-Half Metallic Ayu
829-MSGAY-MS Ghost Ayu

Lucky Craft Real Ayu
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