Lucky Craft Clutch

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The development concept is simple cranking. It is a lure with only the necessary functions. That is the idea behind this lure. Even though the appearance and action of this lure is not unique, it can be thrown in the field. It is a lure with such a feeling of use. The Clutch series is a lure that allows beginners and experienced anglers alike to enjoy the basics of crankbaits: throwing and reeling without stress.

The Clutch Series is a pure competition-grade crank bait that was born from the voices of anglers on the front lines of the tournament scene. It is the trump card of the “Small Crank King,” which targets bass that can be caught only with hard baits and controls tough conditions.

The small crank bait series is ardently supported by anglers who frequent major fields in Kanto. The MR model matches the high speed reeling method and induces a reflex bite. The DR model is especially popular, with its compact silhouette of 45mm or less, but its stable diving ability and large lip provide excellent evasion performance. It has been used in many hard bait-only tournaments such as the TBC Classic won by Mitsuo Suzuki, the Steel School and the H-1 Grand Prix.

Lucky Craft Clutch Colors:


Lucky Craft Clutch

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Wakasagi 0003
Ayu 0004
Kin Kuro 0006
Lime Chart 0019
Gill 0194
Chartreuse Shad 0230
Keta Bass 0564
Bait Fish Silver 0596
MS Japan Shad 0739
Mat Tiger 0808
Natural Rainbow Flake 1223
Mazume Bream 1224
Muddy Crack Craw 1225
Natural Crack Craw 1226
MH Live Wakasagi 1227
MH Brown Wakasagi 1228
CF Sanketsu Wakasagi 1258
CF Boso Wakasagi 1259
Blue Back Chart Tiger 1269
Mat Blue Back Chart (Bone) 1279
Chart Kin Kuro (Bone) 1280
Chameleon Ayu 1293
Black Back Chart (Bone) 1301
Numa Crown 1314
Bone Shintone Gill 1422
Shokunin Rootbeer Gill 1423
Osu Gill 1516
Chartreuse Shad (Bone) 1556
Shintone Gill 1696
Boso Clear Wakasagi 1832
Clear Zari Orange 1833
Clear Zari Green 1834
Sexy Tone Shad 1967
Bone TO Gill 2120
Bone TO Craw 2121
Bone TO Chart Blue 2122
Bone Numa Kin 2270
Bone Numa Crown 2271
Bone Numa Chart 2122
Bone Numa Gill 2123
MS Crown 5431
CF Wakasagi 5467
CF Ayu 5468
CF Kin Kuro 5469
CF Bait Fish Silver 5470
CF Pro Blue 5472
Clear Chartreuse Shad 5547
CF Wakasagi II 5812
CF Weed Gill 5815
CF Ayu II 5816
CF Happy Gill 5949
Chameleon Ayu 5992
CF Blue Back Char Tiger 5998
CF MS Japan Shad 5999

Lucky Craft Clutch all size models

Lucky Craft Clutch
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