Lucky Craft Bullfish

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This model has an overwhelming presence, with a body that irritates and stimulates various fish under almost any conditions. The flashing effect creates irregular reflections of light, which adds to the lure’s appeal. An angler can use standard props and blades to choreograph a different set of irregular reactions.


Model: Bullfish – floating
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 10 cm -|- 4″ in.
Weight: 56.7 g -|- 2 oz.
Treble hooks: VMC Belly: #1 Tail: #1

Lucky Craft Bullfish color:

BULL-052-ABK-Aurora Black
BULL-056-NCRT-Rainbow Trout
BULL-172-SXCRSD-Sexy Chartreuse Shad
BULL-238-GMN-Ghost Minnow
BULL-250-CRSD-Chartreuse Shad
BULL-254-MSMJHRGMS-MJ Herring-Aurora Wakasagi
BULL-270-MSAS-MS American Shad
BULL-276-LRBT-Laser Rainbow Trout
BULL-280-AGPC-Aurora Green Perch
BULL-289-ALAY-Alumi Ayu
BULL-296-PRB-Purple Rainbow
BULL-302-Alumi Tanago
BULL-344-FBHR-Flash Blue Herring
BULL-803-BRT-Brown Trout
BULL-806-TGPC-Tiger Perch
BULL-814-BRKT-Brook Trout-Kawa Masu
BULL-814-BRKT-Brook Trout-Kawa Masu
BULL-817-GRBT-Ghost Rainbow Trout
BULL-881-GNPK-Ghost Northern Pike
BULL-884-AGNPC-Aurora Gold Northern Perch
BULL-0336-ALAY-Aluminum Ayu
BULL-0337-ALOAY-Aluminum Ochi Ayu
BULL-0364-ALCFGGL-Aluminum CF-Center Flash-Ghost Gill
BULL-0365-ALBJPMN-Aluminum Bara JP Biteerling-Aluminum Bara Tanago
BULL-0368-ALCDSD-Aluminum Candy Shad
BULL-0386-CFTGCF-Center Flash-Tiger
BULL-0387-MCOK-Mohican Cook
BULL-0280-Carat Class
BULL-0389-DGFG-Dragon Frog

Lucky Craft Bullfish
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