Lucky Craft Beats



“Jet Slide Minnow Beats”, which was born through collaboration with I JET LINK, is a lucky craft specification for buses that is designed for use not only in rivers and other water bodies but also in lakes and lakes. In the slow retrieve, the tail vibrates slightly and goes straight ahead to produce an unsuspecting baitfish. If you increase the retrieve speed, you will wake up to an irregular slalom “Jet Slide Action”! Anglers intentionally create bite opportunities. Switch the action depending on the speed of retrieval, and play around with the target. Everything is left to the sensitivity of the angler who is the user, and there is no doubt that dialogue with the fish will be deeper.


Lucky Craft Beats Color Wakasagi-0003Wakasagi-0003

Lucky Craft Beats Color Ayu-0004Ayu-0004

Lucky Craft Beats Color Kin Kuro-0006Kin Kuro-0006

Lucky Craft Beats Color Lime Chart-0019Lime Chart-0019

Lucky Craft Beats Color Gill-0194Gill-0194

Lucky Craft Beats Color Bait Fish Silver-0596Bait Fish Silver-0596

Lucky Craft Beats Color Ghost Pink Crown-5809Ghost Pink Crown-5809

Lucky Craft Beats Color Scale Japan Shad-5825Scale Japan Shad-5825

Lucky Craft Beats Color Muddy Water Gill-5826Muddy Water Gill-5826

Lucky Craft Beats Color Bait Pro Blue-5827Bait Pro Blue-5827

Lucky Craft Beats Color Bait Blue Sour-5828Bait Blue Sour-5828

Lucky Craft Beats Color White Scale Shad-5829White Scale Shad-5829

Lucky Craft Salty Beats saltwater

Salty Beats is an easy way to recreate the irregular swim, which even a cunning seabass will involuntarily bite. Just by winding, while drawing the straight path of the natural swim, the trajectory shifts left and right, an irregular action occurs, and semi-automatic invitation motion is produced. Please feel the power of the jet slide minnow that the angler who uses “Eat if there is a seabass” uses the mouth to comment.

Did you experience this automatic irregular swim “Jet Slide Action”?-Did you engrave the threat on the clear target? . Depending on the tip position, it can be traced in the shallower range than 1.0m, and it is acclaimed by the wading Shalomans. Information has been given that the test was completed last summer and that the NEW size will be released this spring. [Salty Beats] and its unique swimming form “Jet Slide Action” sometimes surpass soft bait. This season, from the end of the bee loss season to the autumn high season, it will surely be a catch-up force.

Competing item is soft bait! Stronger, farther, deeper NEW size [Salty Beats] is completed imposingly! A size-up model of the maximum strength [Salty Beats] of controlling the spring micro bait pattern. While retrieving a tight swim in a straight path just by retrieving, the inheritance of the action of the original model that mixes left and right sliding, while improving castability and adaptability to the lower range. While the original model was compliant with the Sharmonia’s wading group, the size-up model would be recommended for shore fishing groups represented by offshore embankments. I want you to experience the jet slide action that sometimes exceeds the fishing results of soft bait.


Lucky Craft Beats Color Gila Chart-090Gila Chart-0090

Lucky Craft Beats Color Cotton Candy-0571Cotton Candy-0571

Lucky Craft Beats Color Pink Back-0673Pink Back-0673

Lucky Craft Beats Color Maiwashi-0715Maiwashi-0715

Lucky Craft Beats Color Day Game Basic-0719Day Game Basic-0719

Lucky Craft Beats Color Gold Holo Red Back-0720Gold Holo Red Back-0720

Lucky Craft Beats Color Muddy Perfect-0723Muddy Perfect-0723

Lucky Craft Beats Color Red Head-725RH-0725

Lucky Craft Beats Color Non Silhouette-1429Non Silhouette-1429

Lucky Craft Beats Color Clear Mat Lime-5534Clear Mat Lime-5534

Lucky Craft Beats Specifications