River 2 Sea Gold’N Crank

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Goldfish are a favorite food of trout, panfish, and bass, but are illegal to use in most lakes. Never Fear, Gold’n Crank is a perfect imitation of this tasty morsel. Fish this one close to shore with a steady retrieve for best results.


Model: AQCrGo40-Gold N Crank 40
Running Depth: Variable -|- Slow Sinking
Length: 4 cm -|- 1.5″ in.
Weight: 4 g -|- 1/8 oz.
Treble hooks: River 2 Sea (BN) Treble #4

Gold’N Crank Colors:

GC01-Red White
GC03-Black Gold
GC04-Light Blue
GC05-Black White
GC06-Orange Black
GC07-Gold Brown
GC08-Red head White

River 2 Sea Gold’N Crank
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