River 2 Sea Mettle Minnow

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After reaching depth, drive it evenly with short interruptions. Observe breaks of a few seconds between the two phases of recovery. This wiring is especially good for perch and bass. The size, shape and colors of this bait perfectly correspond to the ideas of fishermen about catchy bait.


Model: Mettle Minnow 60 F
Running Depth: 1.0 – 2.0 m -|- 3 – 6 ft.
Length: 60 mm -|- 2-1/2″ in.
Weight: 6.5 g -|- 1/4 oz.
Treble hooks: Two Daiichi (BN) #2

River 2 Sea Mettle Minnow Color:

g-10, g-11, g-14, ha-04, ha-09, ha-12, ha-21, hc-02, hc-13, hc-14, s-20, hd-12, tw-01

River 2 Sea Mettle Minnow
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