River 2 Sea Dumbbell Popper



The River2Sea Dumbbell Popper is one of the noisiest lures on the market triggering large Kingfish, Trevally and Tuna on to the bite. It is made to cast longer distances, its heavy weight design and aerodynamic shape ensures you get your lure close to structure and workups where large pelagic fish species feed.

With its chemically sharpened and extra strong VMC hooks, it will hang on to any fish that hits it. The popper is built tough, and will withstand the impact large surface-feeding species exert on your gear. So if it’s the heart–pounding action you’re looking for, don’t think twice, get your hands on the River2Sea Dumbbell Popper Lures now.

River 2 Sea Dumbbell Popper Lures Features:

Made from hard cedar wood and hard plastic
Huge concaved cup triggering strikes from predator fish
Through-body stainless wire construction
3X VMC trebles with extra strong hooks and split rings

River 2 Sea Dumbbell Popper colors:

DP01-Jumping Mullet
DP02-Dorado Green
DP03-Blue Mackerel-Glow Belly
DP04-Green Back Silver
DP05-Raider-Orange Belly
DP06-Pink Silver
DP07-Flaming Head
DP08-Brown Gold-Night Sky
DP09- Green Mackerel
Bandit ?
Flinstones ?