River 2 Sea Dragonfly Popper



River2Sea´s Spike Jig is made to be used when a fast drop Is needed, and saltwater gamefish are on the bottom. Spike Jig ts tapered from top to bottom with the weight distributed with 60% at the top of the jig. This design allows Spihe Jig to sink fast with some side to side darting action on the fall.

Like all of River2Sea’s other metal Jigs. Spike Jig is constructed with the highest quality components and can be rigged with a treble hook on the tail or combined with our Swing and Support Hooks for ultimate hookups. Spike Jig ts available in four sizes and four prémium colors.

River 2 Sea Dragonfly Popper colors lure:

DF02-Black Yellow Spot
DF03-White Black
DF04-Green Brown
DF05-Transparent Green Red
DF06-Natural Blue