River 2 Sea Diver Vibe

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Lipless vibrating crankbaits account for huge numbers of bass catches every year. While most lipless baits are full of rattles, River2Sea’s Diver Vibe offers anglers something other vibrating baits don’t; subtlety. Using a lead body encased in hard plastic Diver Vibe puts all of the vibration into the water with finesse, giving wary bass one more reason to bite.

River 2 Sea Diver Vibe colors lure:

G11-Ghost Minnow
G12-Chartreuse Shad
HB01-Laser Perch
HC02-Aurora Black
HC04-Cal Shiner
HC11-Baby Bass
M05-Chartreuse Blue
M06-Mate Green Tiger

Size chart:

River 2 Sea Diver Vibe
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