River 2 Sea Sea Minnow



Equipped with extra strong salt water resistant hooks and realistic baitfish patterns, the Sea Minnow is designed for active shallow-water fish. A quick erratic retrieve brings the Sea Minnow to life, provoking vicious attacks.

River 2 Sea Sea Minnow Color:

G13-Pearl White
HA-04 Green Mackerel
HA-06 Blue Mackerel
HA-08 Gin Minnow
HB-06 Laser Sardine
HB-07 Laser Minnow
HB-10 Laser Green Mackerel
HC-02 Aurora Black
HC-10 Rose Minnow
M-06 Mate Green Tiger


Model: PL-MiSM120F-Sea Minnow 120 Floating
Running Depth: 0.3-1.2 m -|- 1-4 feet
Length: 12 cm -|- 4-3/4″
Weight: 21 g -|- 11/16 oz
Hooks: Two Daiichi (SW) Treble #1