Smith PK Minnow

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Produced by Natsuo Tsujimoto, the SMOKY series is a plug developed after thorough testing in order to capture the modern day slippery sea bream. The SMOKY series has been thoroughly tested in order to capture modern day slippery Mebaru. It was perfected by balancing these three elements at a high level. Please enjoy the modern Mebaru game with a plug with performance that exceeds Mebaru’s ability to learn the lure.

The ability to set up and bite from the angler’s side. The test results have proven that it has solid reel resistance even on a slow retrieve, but its not too flashy wobble action can make it repeatedly bite without dispersing schools of Mebaru. We designed the lure to be balanced and reeled in quickly so that anglers can work on it while retrieving.

This allows you to get a reaction bite even on slippery targets. When you pose it, it sinks slowly and slides back with a slight line slack. If you show this backslide to the mebaru that follows and turns back, they will be interested in it again and you can trigger a second bite. Experience the light game that anglers deliberately set up for you.


Model: PK Minnow
Running Depth: Variable – Slow Sinking
Length: 38 mm -|- 1-1/2″ in.
Weight: 2.5 g -|- 3/32 oz.

PK Minnow Colors:


Smith PK Minnow

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Smith PK Minnow
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