River 2 Sea Midive Minnow

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A heavily constructed, reinforced lip gives the Midive Minnow its distinctive, powerful action. The Midive Minnow casts easily for distance and trolls true and is durable and wear–resistant to take the punishment offshore gamefish can dish out! Tuna, yellowtail, dorado, amberjack, bluefish, and striped bass are just a few of the species that find the action of the Midive Minnow irresistible!

River 2 Sea Midive Minnow Colors:

HA06-Blue Mackerel
HA08-Gin Minnow
HB05-Laser Red Head
HB06-Laser Sadine
HC02-Aurora Black
S01-Flaming Head

River 2 Sea Midive Minnow
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