River 2 Sea Jerk Shad

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This hard plastic shad imitator is a must have for anglers who fish lakes with shad as a primary bait fish. The perfect profile of a shad to fool even the most educated fish, the Jerk Shad will earn its keep time after time. Jerk Shad is the first lure of its type to incorporate a weight transfer system in the form of River2Sea’s Tungsten Weight Transfer System.

This system allows Jerk Shad to be cast further and run deeper than other baits in its class. Truly a versatile bait, Jerk Shad is a capable compact jerkbait or a shad bodied crankbait with an exceptionally wide wobble.

River 2 Sea Jerk Shad colors lure:

G42-Aurora Ghost Minnow
G43-Aurora Chartreuse Shad
G44-Aurora Munky
HC16-Aurora American Shad
S26-Glo Plug
S28-Table Rock Shad
S45-Blue Gill

River 2 Sea Jerk Shad
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