River 2 Sea Suspen 88



River 2 Sea’s Suspen’ 88 is the bait to try when a slim profile is needed and a subtle action is what the fish respond to. The 88 millimeter Suspen’ 88 features a long diving lip to help drive the bait into the five to seven foot range, where it will respond to subtle twitches of the rod and suspend when paused.

River2Sea’s exclusive Tungsten Weight Transfer System helps Suspen’ provide the angler with long, accurate casts; even into the wind. Suspen 88 is a true fnesse Jekbart, its erratic action can be set In motion by the slightest movement of the rod tip. The perfect representation of a minnow. gamefish won’t know what hit them until iťs too late.

River 2 Sea Suspen 88 colors lure:

G42-Aurora Ghost Minnow
G43-Aurora Chartreuse Shad
HA05-Brown Trout
HB12-Laser Stock Trout
HC02-Aurora Black
HC11-Baby Bass