River 2 Sea Snub



River 2 Sea Snub is the perfect bait when game fish are in the shallows, and a tight, fast wiggle is needed. Snub’s angular features and nose gives it the perfect profile to fool fish into striking. Tungsten Weight Transfer System gives the angler control on the cast, and plenty of noise to pull the fish in to strike.

River 2 Sea Snub colors lure:

G09-Spring Craw
G10-Red Tiger Craw
G11-Ghost Minnow
G12-Chartreuse Shad
HA03-Bloody Mary
HA06-Blue Mackerel
HA08-Gin Minnow
HC02-Aurora Black
HC11-Baby Bass
MO2-Lemon Shad
MO5-Chartreuse Blue
MO6-Matter Green Tiger

Shallow Crankbaits River 2 Sea Snub Colors


Model: PL-CrSn50 Snub 50
Running Depth: 0 – 0.6 m -|- 0 – 2 ft.
Length: 5 cm -|- 2″ in.
Weight: 9 g -|- 5/16 oz.
Hooks: Two River 2 Sea (BN) Treble Two #8