Smith Prily II

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Even when the fish are not active, you can get a bite,” said many anglers. The bite-sized sinking crank “PRILY” has been well received by many anglers. The features of the original PRILY have been retained, while the hook-up rate has been improved and exposure has been reduced.

Even on an ultra-slow retrieve, it has a wobbling action that makes its small body wriggle from side to side. You can sink it to the bottom on a countdown retrieve to catch a large trout on the bottom, trigger a reaction bite with a lift-and-fall action, attack near the surface with the rod upright, or attack medium depths with a countdown.

It is a versatile crank that can be adjusted to the conditions of the day. It can also be used with a micro spoon rod due to its small body. Due to its medium to dead slow retrieve design, we do not recommend using it on the first retrieve.


Model: Smith Prily II – sinking
Running Depth: 0.6 – 1.5 m -|- 2 – 5 ft.
Length: 25 mm -|- 1-1/3″ in.
Weight: 1.6 g -|- 1/64 oz.
Hooks: # 8

Colors Prily II:


Smith Prily II

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Ghost olive
Mysterious Shad
Clear Pink
Ghost Y. Shad
Sand Pearl
Olive Pearl
Olive N pellets
Sakura pellets
Red brown
Chameleon Olive
Ghost Blue Pearl
Ghost Silver Ghost Kakin
Chart Orange

Smith Prily II
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