Smith Troutin Wavy

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Today, heavy sinking minnows are flooding, which is a relatively light category of wavy, but it can also be called a sinking minnow that can be used in any field. For example, in the dry season in summer, it shows a swimming that is appealing enough even in shallow water without water depth. In addition, even in a narrow stream or stream where it is difficult to get the retrieve distance, the fixed center of gravity allows the fish to quickly pull out from the pin spot.

A lineup of trout-specific colors that meet the needs of anglers aiming for trout. It is finally available as a special model, wearing the gun-black split ring and the well-established Cultiva ST-36BC hook, which swallows the eyes of good-looking river fish.


Model: Wavy 50S
Running Depth: 0.5 – 1.5 m -|- 2′ – 5′ ft.
Length: 50 mm -|- 2″ in.
Weight: 3 g -|- 1/16 oz.

Model: Wavy 65S
Running Depth: 0.5 – 2.0 m -|- 2′ – 7′ ft.
Length: 65 mm -|- 2-9/16 in.
Weight: 5.5 g -|- 3/16 oz.

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Smith Troutin Wavy

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Smith Troutin Wavy
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