Smith D-Coax



Heavy sinking minnows with gravity shift for slow and skillful luring. D-Coax moved the center of gravity. The aim is twofold. By concentrating the center of gravity to the tail on the cast, you can get a quick fall speed. At the target range, the lure moves the tungsten weight to the center of the lure, and then the lure is enticed by the fluttering inertial slide of the tungsten weight, as if it were flowing and clinging to the target by a slight input.


Smith D-Coax

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The flat side of the body emphasizes the “glittering” effect. The super flat belly acts as a fall resistance to prevent the lure from sinking rapidly during the action, and also reduces snagging. Birth of a gravity center moving heavy sinking minnow for slow and skillful luring.


Model: D-Coax 51
Running Depth: Heavy sinking
Length: 51 mm -|- 2″ in.
Weight: 4.6 g -|- 3/16 oz.
Hooks: hook #12

Model: D-Coax 65
Running Depth: Heavy sinking
Length: 65 mm -|- 2 9/16 in.
Weight: 8.4 g -|- 5/16 oz.
Hooks: #10

Color lure:

1 Kurokin

2 Akakin

3 Gin Majo

4 TS

5 TS Laser

6 Yamame Haku

7 Chartreuse Back Yamame

8 Chartreuse Back Copper

9 Lime Chart Laser

10 Ayu Haku

11 Chartreuse Haku

12 Pink Laser


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