Lucky Craft Blade Cross

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Lucky Craft’s award-winning Blade Cross fishing lure, available in three sizes, is the perfect mix between a spinnerbait and a hard lure.With the flash and vibration of a spinnerbait and the sight appeal of a hardbait, the Blade Cross excels when burned over grass or slow-rolled around structure. The Blade Cross fishing lure can be used for quick recovery over meadows or near structures or for slower recovery in deep areas or along rocks. The combination of flashes emitted by the spinnerbait and its very realistic appearance make this model a perfect imitative lure. A model that will not fail to crack big carnivores.

Color and specifications:

BLCS-052-ABK-Aurora Black
BLCS-059-GPB-Ghost Pro-Blue
BLCS-077-TSD-Original Tennessee Shad
BLCS-155-CKBL-Crack Bllue
BLCS-172-SXCRSD-Sexy Chartreuse Shad
BLCS-238-GMN-Ghost Minnow
BLCS-250-CRSD-Chartreuse Shad
BLCS-261-TRS-Table Rock Shad
BLCS-268-PAY-Pearl Ayu
BLCS-270-MSAS-MS American Shad
BLCS-280-AGPC-Aurora Green Perch
BLCS-284-MYSD-Misty Shad
BLCS-285-NCSH-NC Shell White
BLCS-804-SPSD-Spotted Shad

Lucky Craft Blade Cross
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