Lucky Craft T-Splash

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The Tone Splash is created in a slightly different concept from all the Poppers made previously. Suzuki Mitsuo, who uses Tonegawa (Tone River) as his main battlefield, put his entire know-how into this lure and created a masterpiece.

One big difference from other poppers are the details put into the sound effect when landing on water. It is like a frog game and it pauses immediately after landing on water. It was created with the perfect size and weight to perform in such a way.

Also, it is designed very carefully so it makes a popping and splashing sound from its very first action to attract the Bass.


Model: T-Splash 55 Shadei
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 5.5 cm -|- 2-1/8″ in.
Weight: 6.4 g -|- 1/4 oz.
Hooks: VMC #8F, #8F

Topwater lure Lucky Craft T-Splash

T-Splash 70

Lucky Craft T-Splash 70 is a combination of the G-Splash and the Wake Tail, and is great when a little extra noise and action is needed when fishing for schooling fish. It is also great when fishing around shallow docks because of the extra noise created with the prop. This bait will bring fish up from deeper water.

The T-Splash 70 has the ability to be worked a little faster. The T-Splash 70 can also be more stationary when fished on stumps or logs. When fishing regular poppers, the baits don’t stay in the strike zone for long, making catching fish difficult. The prop on the T-Splash 70 allows for drag and holds the bait in the strike zone longer.


Model: T-Splash 70-Floating
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 7 cm -|- 2-3/4″ in.
Weight: 11.5 g -|- 3/8 oz.
Hooks: VMC #4F, #6F

Japan Colors:

Lucky Craft Splash Tail Japan Colors

Wakasagi 0003
Ayu 0004
Gill 0194
Keta Bass 0564
Bait Fish Silver 0596
MS Japan Shad 0739
Mat Tiger 0808
Bone Table Rock Shad 1098
Bone Ketabass 1099
CF Sanketsu Wakasagi 1258
CF Boso Wakasagi 1259
Bone Chart Kin Kuro 1280
Bone Shintone Gill 1422
Bone Sexy Tone Shad 1646
Bone TO Chart Blue 2122
Bone Chartreuse Tane Bait 2193
Bone MS Japan Shad 5189
MS Crown 5431
MS Chartreuse 5432
Mat Fire Tiger 5439
CF Wakasagi 5467
CF Ayu 5468
CF Kin Kuro 5469
CF Bait Fish Silver 5470
CF Pro Blue 5472
Clear Chartreuse Shad 5547
CF WakasagiII 5812
CF AyuII 5816
Pink Crown Bone 5882
Blue Back Chart 58

Lucky Craft T-Splash
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