Lucky Craft Bevy Crank



The Bevy Crank was developed through the concept of maintaining this attractive basic performance of crank baits while reducing the size. As a result, the Bevy Crank produces a surprise factor whereby the fish eaters drawn to this lure find it much smaller than it looked from afar.

This surprising smallness often prompts the fish to bite the lure without hesitation as the fish comes closer to the lure. The Bevy Crank is one lure found in the toolbox of any angular, probably because of the amazing effect of this surprise factor.

Color Lucky Craft Bevy Crank:

052-ABK-Aurora Black
056-RBT-Rainbow Trout
077-OTSD-Original Tennessee Shad
112-CRRB-Chartreuse Rootbeer
221-GGCD-Ghost Glow Tail Cicada
236-BGR-Black Gold Red
238-GMN-Ghost Minnow
245-NCTG-Mat Tiger
250-CRSD-Chartreuse Shad
261-TRS-Table Rock Shad
268-PAY-Pearl Au
270-MSAS-MS American Shad
276-LRBT-Laser Rainbow Trout
285-NCSHNC Shell White
286-MDCR-Mad Craw
291-AGWK-Aurora Ghost Wakasagi
803-BRT-Brown Trout
814-BRKT-Brook Trout-Kawa Masu
817-GRBT-Ghost Rainbow Trout
837-PCHSD-Pearl Char Shad-Pearl Iwana
842-Engaged Super Rainbow-Konin Niji Masu
860-YPRR-Yellow Pink Red Rainbow
881-GNPK-Ghost Northern Pike
884-AGNPC-Aurora Gold Northern Perch
895-GBLGL-Ghost Blue Gill


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