Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill



A quiet killer, the Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill Crankbaits provide a less-evasive presentation that is perfect for targeting fish in heavily pressured environments. Constructed using a high-float plastic, the Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill Crankbaits deliver a muted presentation that relies on its heavy action to attract.

Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill Specifications

Perfect for banging against shallow cover, gravely flats, and stumps, the Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill Crankbaits provide bite-inducing deflections that will work on the most lock-jawed bass. Offered in a range of bass-catching colors, the Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill Crankbaits rein supreme in heavy hard rocky bottom areas where large bass lurk.

LC Silent Squarebill colors:

Aurora Black-052
Spring Craw-070
Chart Kinkuro Gill-081
Kinkuro Michael Gill-084
Blue Chart Tiger-126
TO Gill-136
TO Craw-137
TO Chart-146
Ghost Baby Bluegill-148
Gun Metal Shad-151
Sexy Chartreuse Shad-172
TX Yellow Bass-173
Green Pumpkin Seed-174
Flake Flake Kabuki Gill-175
Flake Flake Striped Gill-176
Flake Flake Golden Sexy Minnow-179
Flake Flake Golden Sunfish-180
Pearl Threadfin-183
Light Hitch-185
TX White Bass-187
Keta Bass-193
JP Mat Tiger-194
Aurora Citrus-213
Black Moss-215
Flake Flake Male Gill-228
Flake Flake Crappie-234
Ghost Minnow-238
Mat Tiger-245
Chartreuse Shad-250
BE Gill-269
American Shad-270
CF Flake Flake Chartreuse Shad-273
Shin Tone Gill-274
CF Flake Flake BE Gill-275
CF Flake Flake Rayburn Red Craw-281
Magma Peacock-297
Magma Heat Up Gill-301
Gorgeous Purple Chart Gill-303
Cowboy Gill-304
Cowgirl Gill-305
Pink Dragon Gill-306
Gizzard Shad-318
Nasty Bluegill-320
Delta Crazy Red Craw-345
Chameleon Brown Craw-346
Phantom Chart Black Craw-347
Crazy Green Craw-348
Magic Blue Craw-349
Happy Gill-373
White Shad-400
Copper Green Shad-402
Copper Perch-403
Chart Perch-404
Purple Perch-405
BP Golden Shiner-419
BP Pumpkin Seed-422
Pumpkin Gill-423
MS Impulse Shad-424
Live Threadfin Shad-425
Gold Pumpkin Seed-427
Citrus Citrus-428
Live Brown Craw-429
Green Perch-888
Northern Walleye-859