Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill

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A quiet killer, the Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill Crankbaits provide a less-evasive presentation that is perfect for targeting fish in heavily pressured environments. Constructed using a high-float plastic, the Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill Crankbaits deliver a muted presentation that relies on its heavy action to attract.

Perfect for banging against shallow cover, gravely flats, and stumps, the Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill Crankbaits provide bite-inducing deflections that will work on the most lock-jawed bass. Offered in a range of bass-catching colors, the Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill Crankbaits rein supreme in heavy hard rocky bottom areas where large bass lurk.

LC Silent Squarebill colors:

Aurora Black-052
Spring Craw-070
Chart Kinkuro Gill-081
Kinkuro Michael Gill-084
Blue Chart Tiger-126
TO Gill-136
TO Craw-137
TO Chart-146
Ghost Baby Bluegill-148
Gun Metal Shad-151
Sexy Chartreuse Shad-172
TX Yellow Bass-173
Green Pumpkin Seed-174
Flake Flake Kabuki Gill-175
Flake Flake Striped Gill-176
Flake Flake Golden Sexy Minnow-179
Flake Flake Golden Sunfish-180
Pearl Threadfin-183
Light Hitch-185
TX White Bass-187
Keta Bass-193
JP Mat Tiger-194
Aurora Citrus-213
Black Moss-215
Flake Flake Male Gill-228
Flake Flake Crappie-234
Ghost Minnow-238
Mat Tiger-245
Chartreuse Shad-250
BE Gill-269
American Shad-270
CF Flake Flake Chartreuse Shad-273
Shin Tone Gill-274
CF Flake Flake BE Gill-275
CF Flake Flake Rayburn Red Craw-281
Magma Peacock-297
Magma Heat Up Gill-301
Gorgeous Purple Chart Gill-303
Cowboy Gill-304
Cowgirl Gill-305
Pink Dragon Gill-306
Gizzard Shad-318
Nasty Bluegill-320
Delta Crazy Red Craw-345
Chameleon Brown Craw-346
Phantom Chart Black Craw-347
Crazy Green Craw-348
Magic Blue Craw-349
Happy Gill-373
White Shad-400
Copper Green Shad-402
Copper Perch-403
Chart Perch-404
Purple Perch-405
BP Golden Shiner-419
BP Pumpkin Seed-422
Pumpkin Gill-423
MS Impulse Shad-424
Live Threadfin Shad-425
Gold Pumpkin Seed-427
Citrus Citrus-428
Live Brown Craw-429
Green Perch-888
Northern Walleye-859

Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill Specifications

Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill
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