Lucky Craft Bevy Popper

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Don’t forget the summer bug pattern, either. The key is to produce desirable effects, such as the effects of a frog or bug diving into water, from the shore. Be it a lake, a dam or a river, the prey that dives from the shore is unguarded and therefore a perfect victim of fish eaters.

With the Bevy Popper, you can skillfully handle overhang situations, too. Search the area using the Bevy Popper to catch the fish eater that has not been able to get the bait. In early autumn you can try dead-sticking, which produces a slightly greater presence than when a pencil is used.Among others, a noisy environment with the loud sound of wind or current is the best.


Model: Bevy Popper
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 48.5 mm -|- 2″ in.
Weight: 4.2 g -|- 5/32 oz.
Treble hooks: VMC #10 and #10

Bevy Popper colors:

052-ABK-Aurora Black
077-OTSD-Original Tennessee Shad
098-NCCR-Mat Chart
130-PVRN-Pearl Vairon
131-GVRN-Ghost Vairon
134-PGJN-Pearl Goujon
192-MSJPSD-MS Japan Shad
193-KTBS-Keta Bass
194-JPNCTG-Japan Matt Tiger
195-YMSLV-Yamame Silver
196-YMCGO-Yamame Champagne Gold
197-YMCP-Yamame Copper
198-YMCHBK-Yamame Chart Back
199-YMGH-Yamame Ghost
200-YMORGO-Yamame Orange Gold
201-GLRB-Glow Rainbow
202-CLBIW-Clear Blue Iwana
203-RBR-Red Brown
219-PFAY-Pearl Flake White
220-IMYL-Impact Yellow
221-GGCD-Ghost Glow Tail Cicada
238-GMN-Ghost Minnow
239-GOSN-Golden Shiner
245-NCTG-Matt Tiger
250-CRSD-Chartreuse Shad
255-MSGWK-MS Ghost Herring
261-TRS-Table Rock Shad
268-PAY Pearl Ayu
270-MSAS-MS American Shad
276-LRBT-Laser Rainbow Trout
285-NCSH-NC Shell White
291-AGWK-Aurora Ghost Wakasagi
803-BRT-Brown Trout
806-TGPC-Tiger Perch
814-BRKT-Brook Trout-Kawa Masu
816-NCBR-NC Bora
817-GRBT-Ghost Rainbow Trout
828-MAY-Metallic Ayu
829-MSGAY-MS Ghost Ayu
830-GOAY-Ghost Ayu
833-SLMEG-Salmon Egg-Ikura
834-BFSLV-Bait Fish Silver
837-PCHSD-Pearl Char Shad-Pearl Iwana
842-ESRB-Engaged Super Rainbow-Konin Niji Masu
857-ASDR-Aurora Zander
858-GSDR-Ghosst Zander
860-YPRRYPRR-Yellow Pink Red Rainbow
881-GNPK-Ghost Northern Pike
884-AGNPC-Aurora Gold Northern Perch
895-GBLGL-Ghost Bluegill

Japan color:

0006-Gold Black-Kinkuro
0074-Metallic Sardine
0161-Diamond Black
0337-ALOAY-Aluminum Ochi Ayu
0357-Aluminum Gill
0562-Orange Top
0564-Keta Bass
0596-Bait Fish Silver
0640-Orange Peacock
0739-MS Japan Shad
0808-Mat Tiger
0990-Freshwater Mussel
1258-CF Oxygenate Wakasagi
1259-CF Boso Wakasagi

5324-Crawn Lime
5415-MS Gekiatsu Japan Shad
5431-MS Crown
5432-MS Chart
5467-CF Wakasagi
5468-CF Ayu
5470-CF Bait Fish Silver
5472-CF Pro Blue
5547-Clear Chart Ruth Shad
5812-CF White Rabbit II
5816-CF Ayu II
5830-HR Gorgeous Squid
5831-HR Candy Watermelon
5832-HR Murasaki Guy
5833-HR Soft Shell Shrimp
5834-HR Delicious Ghazami
5882-Pink Crown Bone
5884-Matt Blue Back Chart Bone
5949-CF Happy Gill
5998-CF Blue Back Chart Tiger
5999-CFMS Japan Shad


Lucky Craft Bevy Popper
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