Lucky Craft Wake Tail

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The Splash tail and the Wake tail are part of the new generation of surface lures developed by Lucky Craft. The Splash tail and the Wake tail are used in complement of a buzzbait when it is necessary to mark pauses to trigger the attack of the predators.

For this purpose, the Splash tail and Wake tail are equipped with propellers mounted on ball bearings, which gives them a smoother and longer rotation. Even after a pull, the propellers continue to turn while the lure is stopped…a formidable trap for hunting predators.


Model: Wake tail WT85
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 85 mm -|- 3-1/4″ in.
Weight: 12.5 g -|- 7/16 oz.
Treble Hooks: #6 and #6

Wake tail Colors:

Lucky Craft Wake tail colors

052 ABK Aurora Black
220 IMYL Impact Yellow
222 GTSD Ghost Tennessee Shad
238 GMN Ghost Minnow
250 CRSD Chartreuse Shad
253 CTSD Citrus Shad
257 APB Aurora Pro Blue
260 GNSK Ghost Nishiki
262 LCGO Laser Clear Ghost
268 PAY Pearl Ayu
285 NCSH NC Shell White
288 ARCB Archer Bee
289 FROG Frog
290 GLM Ghost Lake Mead
291 AGWK Aurora Ghost Wakasagi
292 LMCL Lake Murray Clear
293 LMMG Lake Mead Magic

Lucky Craft Wake Tail
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