Lucky Craft Twisted Rosie



Twisted Rosie is a whole new concept in topwater and subsurface baits never imagined. It is a floating lipless crankbait with a tail prop. By slow to medium cranking, Twisted Rosie offers a great waking action with strong vibration and buzzing prop.

You can cover the water effectively like a buzzbait and wakebait. This untamed twisted bait, however, really shines when you give it twitch or a series of hard jerks. Twisted Rosie dives and makes irregular dart with huge splash and bulge.

The shad shaped flat-sided body maximizes flashing effect and water displacement, which makes its darting action so special. The exclusively designed BARIKI prop produces the biggest commotion on the water and makes alluring prop sounds. Use 6ft-6in jerkbait rod and light braid line with 4-5ft 20lbs mono leader. Snap connection recommended.


Model: Twisted Rosie-TWRS
Running Depth: 0 – 0.3 m. -|- 0 – 1 ft.
Length: 8 cm -|- 3.14″ in.
Weight: 28 g -|- 1 oz.
Treble hooks: Belly # 4 and Tail # 3

Colors Twisted Rosie:

TWRS-228-FFMG-Flake Flake Male Gil
TWRS-229-FFHG-Flake Flake Happy Gill
TWRS-230-FFHR-Flake Flake Herring
TWRS-231-FFAY-Flake Flake Ayu
TWRS-359-AMSH-Armed Shiner
TWRS-360-BTSD-Bullet Shad
TWRS-361-GDNG-Gold Nugget
TWRS-362-PHSD-Phantom Shad
TWRS-363-BLCR-Bloody Crown
TWRS-364-DZHL-Dazzle of Hell
TWRS-365-ODC-GOde to CG