Lucky Craft Live Pointer

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The new Live Pointer series consist of more sizes than an original Live Pointer series. Totally redesigned and improved from the first generation Live Pointers, these baits are the next generation of Live Pointer technology.

The jointing in the body of the bait has been changed to allow an air pocket in the tail section. This new feature allows the bait to suspend in a perfectly horizontal position. The action of the new Live Pointers has also been modified. It now has a tighter side-to-side action, which accentuates the swimming motion for a more life-like appearance.

The Live Pointer is now available in three sizes to allow the angler to more accurately “match the hatch” in any fishing situation. This is just another example of Lucky Craft’s continuing mission to produce the most technologically advanced lures on the market.

Lucky Craft Live Pointer Specifications

Colors Live pointer:

Aurora Black-052
Rainbow Trout-056
Or Tennessee Shad-077
Bloody Aurora Black-100
Bloody Or Tennes.Shad-101
Bloody Ghost Minnow-102
Bloody Chartreuse Shad-104
Bloody Table Rock Shad-107
Ghost Tennessee Shad-222
Ghost Minnow-238
Mat Tiger-245
Ghost Sun Fish-246
MS MJ Herring-254
MS American Shad-270
Aurora Green Perch-280
Misty Shad-Oikawa-284
Chartreuse Light Blue-287
Bloody Shad-295
Tiger Perch-806

Lucky Craft Live Pointer Color Ghost Tennessee Shad-222 Ghost Tennessee Shad-222

Lucky Craft Live Pointer Color Ghost Minnow-238 Ghost Minnow-238

Lucky Craft Live Pointer Color Chartreuse Light Blue-287 Chartreuse Light Blue-287

Lucky Craft Live Pointer Color Bloody Shad-295 Bloody Shad-295


Lucky Craft Live Pointer
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