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The “HUGE Pencil” is a magnum-sized pencil bait that was created to catch record-level fish. The tremendous wave action of the 200mm-plus body on the water’s surface creates a feeding scene of fish eaters feeding on fleeing baits and bait, stimulating the predatory instincts of the big bass that live in the area and do not respond to big baits that trace just below the surface.

The lineup includes the “Walker,” which has a strong pushing action, and the “Skater,” which has a light skating action, allowing the lure to be adjusted to the field conditions. The Magnum size lure’s sluggish action has been converted into a crisp action by expanding the internal capacity for higher buoyancy.

The sound type has a variable balancer system that attracts fish with its irregular action and unique sound, which has a high fish attracting effect. The “HUGE Pencil” is designed to catch bass, redfish, sea bass, and other biting fish with high biting power, so it has a through wire and a swivel hook eye.


Model: Huge Pencil Walker
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 225 mm -|- 9″ in.
Weight: 121 g -|- 4.3 oz.
Treble hooks: Three #3/0
Type:Sound / silent

waker action

Model: Huge Pencil Skater
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 225 mm -|- 9″ in.
Weight: 104 g -|- 3.7 oz.
Treble hooks: Three #3/0
Type:Sound / silent

skater action

Colors Huge Pencil Walker:


Huge Pencil Walker

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Colors Huge Pencil Skater:


Huge Pencil Skater

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Deps Huge Pencil
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