Lucky Craft Bevy Shad Mk-II

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The Bevy Shad MK-ll 50SP minnow wobbler series from Lucky Craft is the latest reincarnation of the famous Bevy Shad. The new model is equipped with a revolutionary blade with a relief surface. Micro relief blade creates special vibrations and oscillations, visible only to predators. These vibrations effectively influence the lateral line of the fish and can stimulate even the most passive and cautious trophy to attack.

The best method of animation for the Bevy Shad MK-ll is a series of pulls and pauses of varying intensity. The bait realistically and privately plays regardless of the speed of the wiring. With neutral buoyancy, which is provided by properly distributed load of metal balls, bait is always at the right depth and allows the slowest speed wiring. On these wobblers perfectly caught by most predator species that live in our reservoirs, especially pike, pikeperch, perch or ide.

Bevy Shad Mk-II Colors:

Lucky Craft Bevy Shad Mk-II Colors

098 nccr mat chart
133 grlc green lime chart
165 gfrcr ghost fire craw
172 sxcrsd sexy chartreuse shad
177 sxcmsd sexy chameleon shad
178 lbbg lake biwa blue gill
219 pfay pearl flake white
256 ago aurora gold
257 apb aurora pro-blue
268 pay pearl ayu
291 agwk aurora ghost wakasagi
830 goay ghost ayu

Lucky Craft Bevy Shad Mk-II
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