Lucky Craft Hagane

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With its Ease of animation and its horizontal position at the time of the descent, Hagane is a vibration multi-use which will make you an expert to find the predator ones dispersed on the vast ones extended from salt water.

Indeed, Hagane offers a large variety of animation to you: to launch to bring back closest to the structures, prospection dandles some on the bottom, fast Retrieve on the sand beaches, fishes vertical in deep seas… All was optimized to make of Hagane the ideal lure of prospection for the sea.

It is particularly effective in fast Retrieve to help you to locate fish active but dispersed on the vast wide ones. Its compact size facilitating the throws and imitating that of the fish fodder is perfect to Horn predator the most difficult.

Featuring a steady horizontal posture when falling and simple cast-and-reel motions, this all-purpose vibration lure makes you an expert in three-dimensional tactics. With the Hagane you’ll have variety of options:

fishing close to nearby structures, bottom-sweeping in rivers, fast-retrieving on sandy beaches, or even aiming at the deep bottom. Moreover, the Hagane is an ideal search bait that helps you find fish over a wide area of saltwater. Its retrieval motion is particularly effective when reeled in quickly. The small, bite-site body is perfect inducement for your target fish.

3 version:

Hagane 64 LS (Low sound): two mobile balls tungsten not very in ventral position clinks to emit a its MATT. 6.4 cm for 12 grams.

Hagane 64 SS (Silent Sound): no ball in the cavities, the weight and the weigh Catapult of the lure are obtained with fixed ballastings. 6,4 cm for 12 grams.

Hagane 70 PS (Silent Punt): a mobile metal plate is inserted in the body of the lure and propagates a sound acuter at the time of the vibrations of the lure. The advantage of the metal plate compared to the balls is the duration of repercussion of the sound which is much longer in time.

Size chart:

Lucky Craft Hagane Specifications

Lucky Craft Hagane Colors:

Lucky Craft Hagane Orange Gold-0007 Orange Gold-0007

Lucky Craft Hagane Red Head-0008 Red Head-0008

Lucky Craft Hagane Golden Green-0028 Golden Green-0028

Lucky Craft Hagane Chrome-0031 Chrome-0031

Lucky Craft Hagane Red Head Laser Ghost Sardine-0067 Red Head Laser Ghost Sardine-0067

Lucky Craft Hagane Red Head Metallic Sardine-0068 Red Head Metallic Sardine-0068

Lucky Craft Hagane Shrimp Miso-0069 Shrimp Miso-0069

Lucky Craft Hagane Laser Green Head Chart-0130 Laser Green Head Chart-0130

Lucky Craft Hagane Laser Ghost Iwashi-0131 Laser Ghost Iwashi-0131

Lucky Craft Hagane Solid Red-0171 Solid Red-0171

Lucky Craft Hagane Pearl White-0234 Pearl White-0234

Lucky Craft Hagane Blue Back-0329 Blue Back-0329

Lucky Craft Hagane Skeleton Sardine-0527 Skeleton Sardine-0527

Lucky Craft Hagane Natural Sardine-0528 Natural Sardine-0528

Lucky Craft Hagane R G B-0561 R G B (Red Gold Black)-0561

Lucky Craft Hagane Kibinago-0580 Kibinago-0580

Lucky Craft Hagane Tougorou Sardine-0581 Tougorou Sardine-0581

Lucky Craft Hagane Konoshiro-0582 Konoshiro-0582

Lucky Craft Hagane Whitebait Shirasu-0583 Whitebait Shirasu-0583

Lucky Craft Hagane Gold Red Head-0584 Gold Red Head-0584

Lucky Craft Hagane Chart Sardine-0586 Chart Sardine-0586

Lucky Craft Hagane Pink Back-0673 Pink Back-0673

Lucky Craft Hagane Whitebait-Shirasu-0678 Whitebait-Shirasu-0678

Lucky Craft Hagane Pink Back-0679 Pink Back-0679

Lucky Craft Hagane PS Red Head-0682 PS Red Head-0682

Lucky Craft Hagane Laser Red Head-0945 Laser Red Head-0945

Lucky Craft Hagane Green Head Chart-0946 Green Head Chart-0946

Lucky Craft Hagane ESG Chart Back-0963 ESG Chart Back-0963

Lucky Craft Hagane
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