Deps Evoke Zero



Offering an innovative design that is a must-have for all topwater technicians, the Deps Evoke Zero Topwater calls fish to the surface and triggers explosive strikes. Featuring a bulbous profile that provides a large target for bass to hone-in on, the Deps Evoke Zero Topwater is equipped with a unique metal prop on the rear that produces a generous splash and seductive plopping sound on every rotation, which infuriates bass and generates super aggressive reaction bites.

The tail prop can also be tuned in or out to create different pitches so that anglers can fine tune the lure to the mood of the fish. Outfitted with premium hardware as well, the Deps Evoke Zero Topwater features a sticky sharp slick coated Ryugi treble hook on the rear and a Ryugi swiveling quad hook on the front that delivers unmatched hook penetration and a superior fish landing ratio. Finished with molded gill plates, checkered scales, and 3D eyes for increased realism, the Deps Evoke Zero Topwater should be in every topwater aficionado’s tackle box.


Model: Evoke Zero 120
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 12 cm -|- 4-3/4″ in.
Weight: 29.5 g -|- 1 oz.

Model: Evoke Zero 150
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 15 cm -|- 6″ in.
Weight: 53.5 g -|- 1-7/8 oz.

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Deps Evoke Zero

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